I will resume taking Realtime Sessions in Spring 2022.

Sessions: A Guide to your Ultimate Fantasy

Regardless of technological, social, and/or geographical disadvantages there are many ways a slaveboy may serve Me.  

This is a great way for any slaveboy to introduce himself to Me properly. Nearly any fetish can be discussed and described over the phone. 


I also offer fetish therapy conversations for the lost, confused or newbie sub boy trying to find his way in this dark and mysterious underworld. (Click to Learn More...)

At this time I will not be taking Realtime Appointments due to COVID. Please check

back in Spring of 2021 for Realtime Sessions.

For the more technologically savvy slave, webcam sessions allow you to not only hear My voice, but actually see Me live in the moment and truly interact with Me in a much more realistic way. 


I find webcam sessions to be the best long-distance method of servitude. (Click here to learn more...)

For those looking to spend time serving at My feet but equally wish to remain anonymous and discreet, Private Bookings are for you. This is a 1-on-1 customized and unique experience with Mistress. (Click to Learn More...)

For those of you who don't know, about 4 years ago, I began shooting fetish films. Not your typical POV's or scripted scenes but real live sessions in the raw. 


The demand grew so quickly that I had to begin shooting often and with new boys. Many slaves who watch My films feel compelled to shoot with Me. Click to read more and you may feel the same... (Click to learn more...)