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Phone Sessions

Discuss your Ultimate Fantasies

This is a great way for any slaveboy to introduce himself to Me properly. Nearly any fetish can be discussed and described over the phone. Some calls are highly directive where W/we engage in role-play or a specific scene/fetish, other calls are more story-telling style, where I may share a long narrative fantasy with you… or If you are new to or nervous about phone domination, I also offer fetish therapy conversations for the lost, confused or newbie sub boy trying to find his way in this dark and mysterious underworld.


Maybe you’d like to discuss your love for women’s panties, or how you get hard every time a girl is mean to you or mentions your tiny cock. Perhaps you’d like to discuss your secret fetish for women with body hair or dirty feet or silky stockings, or being taken with a strap-on… Whatever your fetish, question, concern, or fantasy, it can be addressed here… 


I have many Niteflirt Phone Listings, links to My most popular are located below...if you wish to see all that listings I have available click the NF link on the top left hand side.